Leader in the field of high-precision board-to-board connectors

Shenzhen Yaqi Technology Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of high precision electronic components


It has technical innovation and accumulation in high precision electronic connector


It has broken the long-term monopoly of technology and price in the international market


Yaqi has established its leading position in the field of high precision board-to-board connector


Wide application of products

Focus on high-precision electronic connector technology innovation

High precision board to board connector in general, Ultra Miniature, very small, high current and 5g field

It has technological innovation and accumulation

In 2016, wholly-owned acquisition of Beijing Panasonic Electric Works PanasonicAll production lines of NAIS.Has more than 200 sets of the world's top ISIS with an accuracy of 1 micron,Punch, FANUC injection molding machine, Sodick oil cutting machine, etc.;At the same time, it is the first domestic company to successfully introduce the spot plating process.The position can reach 0.1mm.

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